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Mindfulness & Compassion in Lincolnshire

for health, peace, & well-being

What our course participants are saying

Tracy and Mike I Cannot Thank you both enough for bringing together such a wonderful like minded group of individual people with connecting souls. I feel very honoured to have been on your course and have learned so much about myself which has helped not only myself but filtered through to my family and friends.

Looking forward to the next course. Love to all on the course hope to see you all again very soon .. I can highly recommend this course.

Sarah Paley

A lovely group to have been with over these last weeks, led and supported by the two most wonderful teachers Tracy and Mike. Thank you both for everything. You have been an inspiration to us all.

Richard Leven​

How lovely to see so many happy faces who are enjoying a day of silent mindfulness. I am looking forward to being at the next one on 5th August. A day like this gives us a chance to re-centre ourselves, to re-inhabit, to regain contact with ourselves. I'm afraid to say that sometimes when I am rushing about, my many actions and environments cut me off from myself (or at least can weigh me down and lead my mind away from the moments when I feel I exist). A silent retreat day helps expose us to an environment where we can feel quiet, slowness and continuity...all "foods" for our mind that facilitate mindfulness. Many thanks to Tracy and Mike for organising these days.

David Scoffield

I have just completed a mindfulness based living course with Tracy and Mike, two incredible people and professional teachers. If you want to transform your life and introduce a more grounded way of being into your day to day living do one of their courses. You will be be welcomed and meet lovely like minded people to share your journey with. An amazing experience. Thank you both.

Sarah Holden