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Mindfulness & Compassion in Lincolnshire

for health, peace, & well-being

Some of what we have to offer

Free Weekly Sessions

Come and join us on Tuesday evenings between 8 - 8.45pm where we provide a friendly, relaxed place to join with others in learning how to apply mindfulness & compassion to our lives

8 Week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

The MBLC is based on the Mindfulness Association's (MA) one year training. It provides a gently unfolding introduction to mindfulness and is for those with no experience as well as people wishing to deepen their practice

The MBLC is run over eight two hourly evening sessions, or four half day weekend sessions. There is also a whole day session on the Saturday between weeks six and seven, and a follow-up session one month after the eighth session.

Each of the sessions is composed of: 

  • Short relevant talks about all aspects of mindfulness
  • Guided meditations including the body scan, sitting meditation, mindful movement and walking, and mindfulness in everyday life
  • Sharing our experience of the meditation practices

To support your learning a handbook and guided audio meditations are provided. Meditations are provided either via CD, MP3, or an app.

8 Week Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC)

The CBLC builds on the MBLC and is based on the Mindfulness Association's (MA) one year compassion training. It incorporates psychological and contemplative perspectives to help build inner resilience and self-compassion. 

The CBLC uses a variety of Mindfulness and Compassion exercises to help acknowledge and encourage our innate qualities of kindness, empathy, acceptance, strength, courage, equanimity and joy; these have all been proven to have a profound effect on our mind and our wellbeing.

People need to have an established mindfulness practice to undertake this course.