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Mindfulness & Compassion in Lincolnshire

for health, peace, & well-being

About us: Who are we?

Tracy Connor

I undertook my training with the Mindfulness Association (MA) to teach the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) and the Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC) and I also have a post graduate diploma from the University of Aberdeen in Studies in Mindfulness. You will find my name on the UK list of accredited Mindfulness teachers (BAMBA). I teach mindfulness both in my NHS role as a Macmillan Nurse to people living with and beyond cancer as well as to people living close to my Lincolnshire home. In 2019 I completed a two-year internship with the Mindfulness Association. The Macmillan charity commissioned me to teach mindfulness in venues across the whole of the Midlands as part of their teaching and education program available to patients and their non-clinical employees during 2017 to 2019.

My teaching comes from a deeply imbedded personal practice of mindfulness and compassion. My practice has brought transformation to both my personal and professional life which is why I have such confidence in sharing it with people.

Mike Fitzgerald

I am an accredited mindfulness and compassion teacher. As part of my training I have trained with organisations such as Breathworks, The Mindfulness Association, Oxford University Mindfulness centre, Mindfulness in Schools Project, and the Santa Barbra Institute for Consciousness Studies. I have also completed an MSc in Studies in Mindfulness from The University of Aberdeen, where I focused on the importance of self-compassion for personal wellbeing, especially for teenagers.

My teaching draws on my own struggles with a set of rare, debilitating, and poorly understood health conditions, including the physical, emotional, and mental difficulties this has manifested. My personal practice draws on many mindfulness and compassion traditions, and has helped me to better understand both my body and mind, as I have learned how to accept, and compassionately respond to, the difficulties my health presents, and to fully embrace the joy often overlooked in life, part of which is sharing the benefits of these transformational practices.